Activities of Mobilization for Empowerment and Development Association of Nigeria


Joblessness has resulted in a rising incidence of social ills among young people. MEDAN activities target youth empowerment and development in order to reverse the negative consequences associated with the past pattern of development in our communities.


MEDAN seeks to fully integrate women by enhancing their capacity to participate in the economic social, political, and cultural life of the Nation. To do so we create free skill acquisition centers in local communities where intensive training is given to the less privileged

Youths Social Entrepreneurship

As the instability and difficult economic situation of the country persist, we introduce Social Entrepreneurship among the youths in all our local communities, enabling them to be self sufficient while making a difference in the society at the same time.

HIV/AIDS and STD Counseling

The overall goal of MEDAN on HIV/AIDS and STD is to control the spread of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria, provide equitable care and support for those infected with HIV/AIDS and mitigate its impact to the point where it is no longer of public health, social or economic concern

Peace and Conflict Resolution

We promote and encourage peaceful co-existence among youths, women, religious/traditional leaders and the Government through the values of negotiation as well as active mediation for peace agreements in addition to facilitating post conflict stability and development

Cloths for poor

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Target:$980,000 Raised:$566,000