To encourage and show people how to grow individually and collectively by developing their entrepreneurial skills needed to generate positive changes to their lives and the world at large.

Mobilization for Empowerment and Development Association of Nigeria (MEDAN) vision is to make the less privileged live a standard life equal to the rest of the people in the develop countries. Although Nigeria is rich in natural and human resources, 7 of every 10 Nigerians can be proud to belong to and grateful to inhabit, a Nigeria that rewards hard work, protect its people and their properties and offer its children better prospects than those they may be tempted to seek in Europe or the United States.

Catering & Decoration

Some of the cake MEDAN Student Make During there Graduation ceremory

Electrical Installation

A student of MEDAN making a presentatation of what has learned so far and what he has done, achieve in the electrical installations on his gradution day

Poultry & fish farming

students of MEDAN at there fish farming training site showing students on how to make best practice.