Youths Social Entrepreneurship

As the instability and difficult economic situation of the country persist, we introduce Social Entrepreneurship among the youths in all our local communities, enabling them to be self sufficient while making a difference in the society at the same time.

MEDAN support youths who possess the drive and desire to make a concrete difference in the country and the world at large by;
1. Training the youths on programmes to equip them with basic and necessary skills such as management, leadership, and economics. These training programmes are ideally implemented in small groups (20 youths) we provide time for discussion, trainee involvement and exploration of various social issues and approaches to solve them.

2. Networking, once our trained youths begin developing their own projects, we make sure they are connected to a network, with other young entrepreneurs of different levels of experience. Our Networking does not only provide a support system, but it also acts as a dynamic learning environment in which budding social entrepreneurs share their ideas, successes, and strategies with others and learn from their peers. This medium did not only enables our youths entrepreneurs meet more people and spread their ideas further but they learn the value of tolerance and respect for people of different backgrounds.

3. Mentorship; we provide a community of willing and knowledgeable social entrepreneurs (volunteers) with projects in similar fields to our youths social entrepreneurs, they act as advisors and teachers to the young people in an informal, collaborative setting.

4. Resources; MEDAN provide information and classes about sustainable business and financial planning as well as methods of successful fundraising.

5. Reflection; to keep us actively involved in the social entrepreneurial projects of our youths, after the initial training programme, large group meetings are held every two months in this meetings our youths social entrepreneurs provide feedback to us which create an on going dialogue between us. In these meetings the youths will reflect on the process, keep other students and tutors up to date on their projects, and we develop a plan to move forward, if they have any frustrations or concerns, these meetings enable us addressed them.


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